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Les Folles Jambettes, which translates to Crazy Legs, was founded in 1997 by two women with a passion for the traditional Cancan dance style that wanted to bring this unique dance to the Boundary. Over the years Les Folles Jambettes have created entertainment which puts a modern spin on a traditional dance style that is truly unique, in that it brings the romance of the old west and the history of the gold rush to life. Travelling with their musical madame these skilled dancers produce an exciting show full of hilarious antics, high kicks and fun tricks. It truly is something you don’t want to miss!  

Over the past 25 years Les Folles Jambettes have travelled and performed extensively throughout British Columbia and even in Europe and the US. Although the Covid pandemic has slowed their travel, through hard work and dedication they have managed to not only continue through the pandemic but have emerged stronger than ever. 

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Our Mission

Our Vision

To stay active in our small community and share the love of history, dance and art.

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